The Project: the collection The World of Women

In April 2015, Women in action Worldwide (WaW), a Geneva-based NGO,  launched a new collection of travel guides, The World of Women, that bring to light the unique role and contribution of women in a particular country. The flagship collection encompasses three volumes: Tanzania (2015), Myanmar (2016), Switzerland (2017).
Other volumes planned are: Cuba, Mekong, Alps, Jordan, Greece, Ethiopia, South Africa, Namibia, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Morocco, Costa Rica, Mexico, Cuba, Cambodia, Laos, Bhutan, Vietnam, India (South and North), Indonesia, European cities.

Our travelogues

Switzerland Travelogue

Launched in March 2017.

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The Concept: Discovering the world through the eyes and experiences of women

Why does this collection of travel books focus on women?

Travel literature is generally silent about the realities of women. This collection is meant to break that convention and serve as a complement to the classic guidebook, broadening the readers’ understanding of the country visited. The collection also highlights the role of women in communities as well as their work in the hospitality and tourism sectors. The guides also include a curated list of addresses for discovering the world of women in each country.


The bulk of the guidebook is in narrative form. The book’s authors will lead readers to the country’s main points of interest and, in those locations, introduce them to local women and the realities of the country as seen through their personal experiences. This approach helps to bridge the reality between visitors and local women, in an original, evocative and fresh way.

165 x 214 mm, 160 illustrated pages.


Éditions d’en bas in Lausanne, Switzerland, is the leading publisher for “The World
of Women” collection in collaboration with WaW. Éditions d’en bas is also member of the International Alliance of independent publishers, composed of six linguistic networks covering five continents; they take part in solidarity co-publishing projects under the Fair Trade Book label.
The collection will be proposed for co-publishing to publishers of the Alliance as well as to other potential publishing partners.