WaW launched “the Tanzania Travelogue” in April 2015.
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” We believe in the power of women for the development of our community and our country. We are agents of social and economic progress. We are successful Tanzanian women and want our stories to be known and to be inspirational to our sisters.

Open a window to meet women and get to experience their success stories and journeys through life. It will touch and enrich your inner self and inner well-being.”


Tanzania Travelogue includes :

Brief description of main highlights

A map presents each region of the country with brief descriptions of the greater geographic, economic and cultural contexts. The accent is placed on those aspects that help readers understand the environment in which women live.

The stories

Women tell their stories – their daily lives, dreams – in the first person. Beautiful photos and original illustrations capture the places where they live.

« Coups de coeur »

“Must see” experiences for the visitor, including the addresses of women-owned hotels, restaurants, travel agencies etc.

New themes, economic sectors and culture


Women talk about coffee harvesting in the Kilimanjaro region, creating jewellery in the Maasai land, seaweed harvesting in Zanzibar, Tinga-Tinga painting in Dar es Salaam, international criminal justice in Arusha etc. Local experts offer additional insights as well.

Carin Salerno, currently deputy country director of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) in Burma; former SDC Head of Cooperation in Tanzania.

Elisabeth Thorens, writer, communications expert, and a teacher for over twenty years.