Zanzibar women entrepreneurs

Fascinating and exciting discussion as well as wonderful moment shared with 3 women entrepreneurs in Zanzibar: Salma and Naila who both manage a hotel and with Salma who is a  teacher and a fruit juice seller.

Salma’s hotel in Stonetown: Kiponda B&B

Naima’s hotel in Bwejuu: Palm Beach Inn

Women entrepreneurs in Zanzibar

Women entrepreneurs in Zanzibar

Meet with the Tinga Tinga women painters

Nice and interesting encounter with the Tinga Tinga Women painters in their Dar es Salaam workshop

Tinga Tinga website: here

Interview with an outstanding woman

Amazing  interview of Holo Makwaia, an outstanding and courageous woman, former prosecutor at International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda ICTR, who in 2011, convicted a woman ex-Rwandan minister who has been charged with atrocities committed in the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

More information on this case: here

Highlight of the day

Encounter with Asia, the wonderful and dynamic Aroma Coffee House owner in Moshi and new partner of Women in Action Worldwide